FREE SWOT ASSESSMENT OF YOUR shopper marketing Operations

FREE SWOT Analysis Offer

At Shopperations, our mission is to help CPG Shopper Marketing teams move away from disconnected offline tracking methods and embrace real time, collaborative planning automation technology. That’s why we’re offering a free assessment of your team’s processes and tools — to evaluate your current team structure, budgeting, and planning and reporting systems  to turn your shopper marketing team into an agile, data-driven, savvy and productive partner to Brands and Sales.

As part of your assessment, one of our marketing specialists will make recommendations to help you:

  • Simplify budgeting process
  • Standardize tactical planning
  • Gather the right kind and amount of data to alleviate reporting burdens
  • Bring radical transparency and accountability for your team and agencies
  • Enable affordable and precise post-event analytics

If you'd like this FREE assessment, please fill out the form to request an introductory meeting where our representative will learn more about your unique situation in order to offer our customized SWOT assessment for your shopper marketing organization.


There's no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required.